What Readers Say About The Book

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your monumental dissertation/book arrived Saturday and it... is exactly what is desperately needed in this field -- by therapists, by lawmakers, and by zoophiles... You are salvaging many lives."

"I'm REALLY enjoying reading 'Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia.' Wow. I'm learning so much. You know... my students are always asking me about zoophilia, for some kind of bizarre attraction/repulsion reasons. I don't really understand their motives. But, I sure feel more secure in answering their questions after reading your literature. The part on the Hittites was fascinating. ...thanks for the great work you've done on our American zoos."

"After the mail came today, I did not get much work done. I spent the day reading. There is a staggering amount of information in your book that will take some time to digest… I will most likely read it several times…"

"…I have to say 'Well done!' to you. It was obviously a large and complex task to produce such a work. I hope others in your profession will read it and take to heart your admirable attitude of fairhanded objectivity in the further study of paraphilias."

"Hani, thank you so much… WOW!!!! When I first came to see you, I would have given everything for two pages out of this book. Now there is a whole book dealing with zoos. Again, thank you (tears), thank you. Words can never tell you how much this means to so many people who had no help or hope at all until now…"

"I just wanted to say that I think it's wonderful that you've come out with this book… I may not like all that I've read in it, but you, yourself, have done a wonderful job writing it. Thank you SO much!!"

"…I am a regular of a zooish forum and have heard nothing but positive things from other regulars about your book… Everyone is reading it as of now…"

"…soon, I won't bother to talk with anyone calling themselves established zoophiles unless they've read the book. No true zoo can not read it!… once again, thank you so much for picking us!"

"…I need to express my sincere thanks for your bravery, and determination at getting this incredibly important information out there… I only wish I had known of your study much earlier…"

"Going through your book, I must say, that... I haven't found any inaccuracies, which is a rarity! You do sure seem to know your subject :)"

"Having read the book, I applaud you for having the presence of mind and determination to write a resource for both zoos and those who are involved with them. I believe that this book is the best resource we have ever had on the subject of animal/human sexual relations, being totally impartial and ultimately neither condoning nor condemning zoos, but happily also requesting for them to be left to be zoo in peace. It cheers me to know that someone in the medical profession has gone out of their way to try to help others to understand zoos, and for zoos to try to understand themselves. ...I am glad it has been published! I really appreciate the effort you have made to research and write this book. Thank you for trying to understand!"

"I would like to thank you on the speed at which (the book) arrived. I really appreciate it. I also enjoy the large amount of information that you have included. It (is) a good read, and very useful. Finally, I would like to thank you for the stance you took on this issue; it looks like you researched this from a very open-minded position. Too often I have found such research in the past (as with homosexuality!) based on profiles of inmates incarcerated after committing atrocious and abusive extremes of their 'sexuality,' and data being gathered with a desire to justify the researcher's predisposition. It is important to me that you came in with no predisposion, and that you accepted information from zoophiles of all walks of life, good or bad (of those who were willing to share). Most importantly, you treated zoophiles not as something better or worse than other people, but rather as equals. Thank you, …"

"Your book... has amazing candor and lucidity. It was a brave effort on your part to undertake this project. Bravo..." (Sol Gordon, Ph.D.)

"Miletski's book addresses a ... controversial and scarcely investigated subject.... the author managed to keep the balance between staying as objective and self-critical as necessary for a scientific work and being open-minded enough to report first-hand information from the concerned persons themselves. ...Miletski (succeeded in writing) a very informative and ... fascinating book that provides valuable, new information not only for professionals in the field of sexology, therapy, social work and criminology, but also for the persons who feel such a sexual attraction to animals... and their partners, friends, and families. it is a 'must' for anyone confronted with bestiality/zoophilia in any way! Thanks and congratulations to Miletski for her brave enterprise of investigating sexual contacts with animals and for compiling this comprehensive work about one of today's last taboos." (Exerts From a Book Review by Andrea M. Beetz, Ph.D., as published in "Sexuality and Culture," Winter 2003, Vol. 7, Number 1, pages 73-76)